December 19, 2023

After just two minutes at Tottenham, Ange Postecoglou is already being connected to another position.

In fact, there has been some discussion about Postecoglou potentially joining Manchester City, and Gary Neville fueled the flames over the weekend.

Michael Bridges, a Spurs supporter, has been talking about these connections on the Optus Sport Football Podcast. He says he’s devastated to learn that Postecoglou might be attracting City’s attention.

Bridges destroyed Ange is being examined
The commentator responded to the implication that City is keeping an eye on Postecoglou.

Bridges stated, “As a Spurs fan, I’m gutted, but I mentioned three weeks ago that Ange Postecoglou would have been catching the eye of the City group, and now Gary Neville has come out with those quotes and it’s getting traction. Anyone getting Ange linked with Man City would be tremendously delighted.”

“Gary Neville says it’s gaining a lot of traction in the UK, and Ange would be happy about it, but he likes to see his projects through to completion, and Spurs is his project.”



Despite our dislike of saying it, this was always going to happen.

Every football fan in the nation has been awed by Postecoglou’s amazing style of play, and the elite teams will now take note.

Regretfully, Tottenham remains inferior to the City teams of this planet. Should the Premier League winners believe that Postecoglou is their best option after Pep, it might not be too difficult for City to recruit Postecoglou from North London.

Even if Pep Guardiola isn’t expected to depart City anytime soon and a lot may happen in the interim, Spurs supporters would want to keep this in mind.


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