December 19, 2023

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Rajpal Brar, an expert on injuries, as a new exclusive columnist. He will provide his opinions on Tottenham Hotspur’s injury status every week.


Dr Rajpal Brar claims that Micky van de Ven, a defender for Tottenham Hotspur, could soon be making his injury comeback to the first team.


On December 14, Paul O’Keefe, a close agent of Spurs, revealed that the Dutchman has increased his training efforts and is working alone on the grass.


According to the injury expert, this is probably a good sign, and his hamstring injury is more of a moderate grade than a rupture, which would have required three months of recovery.


Dr. Brar, a physical therapist and sports scientist, spoke exclusively with Tottenham News about van de Ven’s current status of play. He stated: “His routine will be methodically progressing his strength and mobility while getting back to more sport-specific actions.”


“As for the timing, I don’t think Tottenham provided anything precise at first, but there were rumors of late January or early February, so his prompt return is probably a good indicator and he may return sooner.



“His setback sounds more like a moderate-grade injury than a rupture, which would require more than three months to heal.”



Undoubtedly, Ange Postecoglou will be overjoyed to have his best center-back back for training.


The Dutchman made his Spurs debut with little fanfare in the summer, but he swiftly showed why the team was interested in signing him.


His lightning-fast speed has won him praise, and in October, he chipped in with the league’s winning goal against Luton.


Without the 22-year-old in the lineup, Spurs have been scoring more goals, and Postecoglou should immediately insert van van Ven back into the starting lineup as soon as he recovers from his injury.


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