December 20, 2023

We are pleased to have Dr. Rajpal Brar, an expert on injuries, as our exclusive columnist. He will provide his opinions on Tottenham Hotspur’s injury status every week.


According to Dr. Rajpal Brar, there is no immediate risk of re-injury for Tottenham forward Richarlison following his groyne surgery.


After Ange Postecoglou released a favourable training report about the Brazilian after his recuperation was complete, the injury expert responded.


The 26-year-old had been experiencing pain in his groyne area for some time, and having surgery looked to be the best course of action to relieve it.


Dr. Brar, a sports scientist and physical therapist, spoke exclusively with Richarlison about the current condition of play for Toronto News.


It appears that the operation helped ease a problem that the player had been managing and playing with for some time, which is excellent news for both the individual and the team.


“Keeping track of his minutes until he reaches maximum fitness will be crucial.


“He appears prepared to play at a nearly full intensity level, even though there aren’t any immediate risks of re-injury,”


Even though Richarlison hasn’t played the entire ninety minutes since his operation, he can now score goals.


In his last two games, the Brazilian has scored three goals against Nottingham Forest and Newcastle United.


This has happened at the same time that Spurs are winning again, and Postecoglou will be looking to share Son Heung-min’s goal-scoring load this year.


In 14 Premier League games thus far, Richarlison has four goals and three assists.


In other Tottenham Hotspur news, there are rumours that one of the players may be absent longer than anticipated due to a setback in his recuperation.







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