December 21, 2023

According to Patrick Bamford, who texted fine master Luke Ayling for his newest podcast, the largest punishment for Leeds United is if a player is late for a meeting on a match day.


It appears that Ayling has always been in command of the fines, and it should come as no surprise to learn that “Bill” is in charge when managers come and go. There’s still a list of fines even with Daniel Farke in office.


Social media has seen a number of disclosures on the appearance of rival clubs’ fine lists. The largest fines are sometimes incurred by being absent or late for events like mealtimes. At Leeds, nothing is different.


In the most recent episode of the My Mate’s A Footballer Podcast, Joe Wilkinson hears Bamford texting fines master Ayling to clarify the largest fine, which is a whopping £1000.


He is merely texting to explain that he is missing the fine list. I enquired as to which was the largest. In response, he said, “It’s a grand” if you arrive late to any of the meetings or dinner times on a matchday. Yes. That is a significant one.

£1000 fine shared by Patrick Bamford and Leeds United


It’s encouraging to learn that the largest fee is intended to deter players from being late or exhibiting tardiness. When a team is vying for promotion at the end of the season, standards must be high.


However, it also indicates the salary that these Leeds players receive. As you would guess, the Premier League has far more draconian fines. At Elland Road, the wages have decreased following our relegation.


Leeds’ next game is an early kickoff on Saturday at Elland Road against Ipswich Town, which is our second match of the season. Leeds must win this match in order to catch up.





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