December 23, 2023

When Tottenham plays Everton this weekend, both Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville acknowledge that it would be difficult, but they both think Spurs will prevail.


Tottenham’s situation is improving at the moment as they have won two straight games, keeping the Lilywhites competitive for a spot in the Premier League’s top four this season.


Prior to it, the team led by Ange Postecoglou had lost five straight games and had only managed to draw at home against champion Manchester City, earning one point out of a possible fifteen.


As a result of their violations of Financial Fair Play regulations, Everton was docked ten points; nevertheless, in recent times, Sean Dyche’s team has bounced back to win four games in a row in the league.


The Toffees are nine points clear of the relegation zone and playing fantastically despite being penalised.

Everton vs. Spurs will be a close match.


It’s safe to assume that Saturday’s encounter between Spurs and Everton will be close and perhaps entertaining as well.


When talking about the forthcoming match on Stick to Football, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville struggled to choose the result.


“That one is difficult, I’m not sure about it,” declares Neville in the opening statement.


But Carragher is a little more certain, saying, “I think Spurs will win.” Neville responds, “2-1 Spurs,” putting his neck on the line in response. Everton could score a set piece, perhaps.


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Everton is now unstoppable, so this will be a very difficult game, but eventually their winning streak has to end. We can win this one, in my opinion, because we have home field advantage and our team is doing better lately. I’ll also predict Spurs to win 2-1.

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