December 23, 2023

Alejo Veliz was acquired by Tottenham Hotspur from Rosario Central for €15 million last summer.


Ange Postecoglu is giving the 20-year-old his first opportunities in English football, and he is still getting used to the style of play. This was mentioned this past weekend by a colleague at Spurs.


Giovani Lo Celso, a midfielder for Tottenham, provided some statements to ESPN Argentina today, according to Infobae. When questioned about Veliz there, he replied that the child was adjusting nicely.


“He looks excellent. The adjustment is difficult when you move to Europe, and it’s even harder in a league like the Premier League given the nature of the training sessions,” Lo Celso stated to ESPN Argentina.


As opposed to the beginning, when you arrive and don’t understand anything, he listens, learns, has already had minutes, feels more at ease, and knows the language. There’s a lovely group and a Spanish-speaking dressing room. Although we’re not far off from him, he will get far more playing time and eventually reach his objectives.


Given how well-treated Veliz is by the Spanish-speaking players at Tottenham, it appears that Cristian Romero, another Argentine player, may provide him with some assistance. Even though the defence hasn’t been with Spurs for very long, Lo Celso claims that he is a valuable voice in the locker room.


“They already adore him here; in the dressing room and around the club, he serves as a point of reference. Following Son, who has been here for a long time, he is the second captain. He’s doing great, in my opinion; he’s transferring a lot and growing increasingly accustomed and influential. In both practice and competition, he conveys a lot. His presence on the team is advantageous to us.


Veliz made eight appearances for Tottenham since joining the team in the summer, usually picking up a few minutes at the conclusion of games. This is how it should go for the next few months, or until Postecoglu starts to feel optimistic that the kid can finally start making his first starts.





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