December 27, 2023

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Rajpal Brar, an expert on injuries, as a new exclusive columnist. He will provide his opinions on Tottenham Hotspur’s injury status every week.


Dr Rajpal Brar states that Rodrigo Bentancur, a midfielder for Tottenham, is unlikely to resume first-team training until the first week of January.


According to the injury specialist, his present regimen will concentrate on the rehabilitative aspects before shifting its attention to getting back on the training field.


The Uruguay international is expected to return by the end of January, according to Ange Postecoglou, who said at the beginning of December that he would be away for two months.



Dr. Brar, a physical therapist and sports scientist, spoke exclusively with Tottenham News about the current condition of play with Bentancur.


“If Ange is right when he says it will be two months, then his present training regimen is still heavily focused on the recovery aspects before going back to pitch work.


It’s hard to tell how far away he is from individualized instruction because it relies on how he handles rising levels of difficulty.


“It appears doubtful that he will return to full-team training in the upcoming week or two, but a return to individual training might be imminent.”



The frequent injuries sustained by Spurs have affected Postecoglou’s team’s on-field results.


It appeared that they might contend for the league title after the first few months, but it now appears that a top-four finish will be the goal.


Though the Australian has other choices, it remains to be seen how Bentancur is used once he returns.


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