December 26, 2023

According to Rob Edwards, the manager of Luton Town, it is “too early” to speculate on captain Tom Lockyer’s football career.


Lockyer experienced a heart arrest during the last Premier League game between Bournemouth and Luton. In the 59th minute of the game, he passed out.


The game will now take place later in the season after having to be suspended.


After suffering a cardiac arrest, the 29-year-old athlete had an implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) installed.


Edwards stated:


I won’t be able to express every emotion I have. This time, I felt something was different from May; back then, it was about sounding the alert, attempting to vacate the area, and letting the medics do their work—and while I’m talking about it, whoa, did they ever? With everyone watching, they made flawless decisions and saved him. They are champions.



“This is not the first time it has occurred to him; in May, there was an atrial fibrillation; at this point, it is too soon to determine the cause or the course of treatment.


It concerns his recuperation. He got the procedure completed with the ICD installed; the focus now is on recuperation, and we’ll monitor the results moving ahead.


It seemed like yesterday to his father, who said he “had a fight with a bear.” God bless him, he’s been through a lot and is exhausted, but he’s getting good care at home.


Lockyer has suffered similar collapses during football games before. It had previously occurred during the first half of Luton’s Championship play-off final match against Coventry in May of this year.


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