December 28, 2023

Ange Postecoglou, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, has hinted that he may move Richarlison to a different position once Son Heung-min departs for the Asian Cup.


Due to injury, Spurs are currently extremely low on choices. Things will only get worse when Pape Matar Sarr, Son, and, most significantly, Yves Bissouma depart to play for their respective nations next month. That’s when Richarlison will need to step up.




Richarlison’s status could alter next month, according to Ange Postecoglou.

Under Ange Postecoglou, Tottenham began the season with Richarlison starting up front and Son Heung-min on the left flank.


After a few games, Son began to score goals for Spurs while playing down the middle while the two attackers switched places. He was even named the team’s best finisher by Postecoglou.


Everyone anticipated that the South Korean would remain in a center role, but Richarlison was used as a striker by Postecoglou again this month after his injury comeback, with Son shifting to the left.


January is almost here, and Son will be traveling to represent his nation in the Asian Cup. With his choice, Postecoglou will have to make a decision, and he has now given away a clue.


The Spurs manager hinted that he would switch Richarlison’s position once more, moving him to the left to fill Son’s void in the lineup the following month.


As reported by Football London, Postecoglou stated: “We played Riley out wide, on the left, because he was having physical issues at the beginning of the season and it just made sense for us to play him in those wide areas and we had Sonny, who could play in the middle and he was going well at the time.”


Richy through the center and Sonny out on the left works good for us right now, but Richy can always be played out there if Sonny continues to play.


He played most of his Everton Premier League career there, after all, and he scored a ton of goals there. Therefore, that option is also always available.


“Once again, I like players who can play multiple positions. If you look at our front players, Richy, Johnson, Kulusevski, and Sonny, they’ve all played almost every position there. Right now, Richy at nine is working well for us, so we’ll stick with it, but there’s always a chance that it could change.”



Richarlison ought to stay a striker.

Since Son Heung-min and Richarlison are both excellent players—especially the latter—it is simple to decide to switch their places.


But since they truly don’t have anyone else, Ange Postecoglou should keep deploying Richarlison up front when Son leaves on his international assignment.


Dane Scarlett, who has returned to Tottenham after being recalled from his loan, is ranked below the young Argentine, Alejo Veliz, who is still not ready to lead the line.


Unless Spurs recruit a new number nine early in January, Richarlison will remain Tottenham’s top striker while Son is away, thus he needs to stay in that role.

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