January 5, 2024

Michail Antonio, a forward for West Ham, expressed shock at learning that the team was connected to Eric Dier of Tottenham.


Dier is expected to leave Spurs after slipping significantly in Ange Postecoglou’s hierarchy. Dier is rumoured to be moving to Bayern Munich as the German team considers its alternatives.


Dier, on the other hand, has also been mentioned as a player West Ham might sign.In January, David Moyes wants to bolster the pack, and Dier is one name that is being mentioned.


Additionally, Hammers attacker Antonio revealed on the Footballer’s Football Podcast how surprised he was by the announcement.



Michael Antonio responds to West Ham connections and Eric Dier.

Speaking with Callum Wilson on the podcast, Antonio expressed his astonishment and mentioned he had not heard anything regarding transfers this month.



“You told me about it, and I only learned about it now. So, to be quite honest, I have nothing to tell you. For the first time, I haven’t looked at Twitter or anything else this year, nor have I kept track of which players are joining. I went to training this morning, and it wasn’t until later that I discovered a guy was off for his medical appointment rather than a player training. I thought, Oh no, he’s leaving. It’s one of those situations where nothing is known to the players and everything happens without warning, particularly at West Ham where I’m frequently shocked because, 95% of the time, things are leaked before they happen. This is the first quiet window I’ve had at West Ham in my nine years there’, Antonio remarked.


Fans of the Hammers wouldn’t want Dier

While I can’t answer for everyone, don’t you think West Ham should seek elsewhere instead of signing a player who isn’t quite right at one of their competitors in London?


Eric Dier appears to be heading overseas, and moving to West Ham from London would only put him under unnecessary strain.


The supporters of the Hammers would be waiting for him to make a mistake, and if he performed poorly right away, it seemed like a nightmare for him.


There’s more West Ham than this. Eric Dier is not needed at this time, and they can definitely concentrate on other players.



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