January 5, 2024

Crysencio Summerville has disclosed that he decided to remain at Leeds United during the summer after consulting with his agent and concluding that he needed to be on the pitch each and every week.


Summerville observed as a number of his team-mates from the previous campaign left Elland Road in unison, some with less amicability than others.


Following their relegation, eight senior first team players chose to take advantage of the loan option; Tyler Adams was among those who left permanently.


In an interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post, Summerville said that he decided to ignore the events around him and sought advice from his agency as well as a number of other individuals.


“I spoke with many people, including my agent, and we came to a decision,” he declared. In my opinion, it was crucial for me to play, have fun, and perform to the best of my abilities, so sticking with Leeds made sense.


Summerville’s choice is paying off

While there is no doubt that Summerville wants to play in the Premier League, he was one of the few who saw that it might be advantageous to return in order to move forward.


The 22-year-old is currently possibly Leeds’ best and most crucial player, and he is obviously enjoying this role based on his eight goals and six assists so far.

Tom Cairney, a Sky Sports pundit and Fulham midfielder, thinks Summerville’s recent form may make it tough for Leeds to hang onto him in January, but Summerville will undoubtedly want to finish the season.


Summerville, whose form is improving every week, won every individual title available in the Championship for the month of October.


Summerville reportedly turned down offers from multiple Premier League teams in the summer, so Fabrizio Romano feels he should be able to lead Leeds back there.

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