January 5, 2024

Son Heung-min has received plaudits from Tottenham Hotspur boss Ange Postecoglou ahead of the team’s FA Cup third-round matchup with Burnley on Friday.


The Tottenham manager claims that his captain has been “probably the most significant contributor” for Spurs and is deserving of a spot in the squad of the season thus far.


Because Son is playing in the Asian Cup, Postecoglou will be without his services for a few weeks—possibly even until mid-February.


The competition, which takes place in Qatar from January 12 to February 10, will see the star of South Korea and Tottenham represent his country.



Between now until the day of the Asian Cup final, Tottenham may miss five games with Son out of the lineup. Postecoglou calls Son’s absence a “big loss.”


“Sonny, he’s been a hell of a player for us, if you name a team of the year of the moment, he’d be in it,” Postecoglou said to the Spurs media team in a YouTube video.


For us, it’s a significant loss. Everyone’s performance will need to increase in order to make up for the loss of another important contributor—possibly the most important one for us.


Son Heung-min is a gold mine for Tottenham.

Son is not only guiding Tottenham as their captain, but he also contributes goals and assists, coordinating the offence and midfield. It’s also evident that he’s still very well-liked by the Spurs players and supporters.



When Tottenham signed Son in 2015 for a meagre £22 million, they absolutely struck gold. Spurs’ £190,000-a-week star, Spotrac, has already established himself as a legend in his native South Korea.



Although it is unfortunate that Tottenham will be without him for a few weeks, let’s hope he does well for his country and perhaps even takes them to victory in Qatar.

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