January 6, 2024

6,000 Newcastle United supporters travelling to Sunderland: pictures and giveaways.


The 6,000 Newcastle United supporters are en route!


At least, a portion of them.


Yes, the more than 100 coaches have begun taking the thousands of Newcastle United supporters to the opposing side.



This Saturday morning, before 8.30 am, our on-the-spot correspondent arrived to St. James’ Park and began covering the story.


There were just a few hundred people in front of us, and the courteous but frigid queue behind us was getting longer and longer by the minute.


Many Newcastle United supporters are undoubtedly curious about how this will turn out today.


Starting off nicely, the team is giving everyone free water and cereal bars in addition to a premium Newcastle United scarf with the team’s insignia (and is the primary sponsor). No, the scarf wasn’t split in half!


Those of us in the front of the queue quickly found ourselves loaded onto two double deckers and one single decker, and we were on our way just minutes after 8.30am!


Soon after half eight, as we were driving by, the queue was formed.


This will bring us there VERY early, giving us plenty of time to spend in their stadium prior to kickoff.


Concerning identity verifications?



None at all; you simply showed the bus ticket to the driver and boarded without asking any questions.


I found it a little odd that there were just three buses in our little convoy when we started out.


Nevertheless, the buses were on Scotswood Road rather than the Redheugh Bridge.


Which is how we found ourselves sitting on our buses outside of Vickers on Scotswood Road (see below)!.



We waited for almost forty minutes, gazing out the bus window, and now that several more coaches have joined us, our convoy is finally leaving at 9.20 am, headed for Mackemland!



A brief update.


Police have blocked off the entire A1 to allow room for our convoy, in which our bus comes in fourth place.

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