January 6, 2024

Manchester United is prepared to remove Dan Ashworth from the team, thus Newcastle United is preparing for an infiltration of their back office.


Even though Dan Ashworth arrived at St. James’ Park with a grand ambition to fundamentally alter the club’s operations, much work has to be done in the 18 months that have passed since his arrival.


But, it appears more likely than ever that Ashworth will leave Newcastle before he really gets going in his role as Sporting Director since Sir Jim Ratcliffe is keen to have him at Manchester United in order to get that team back on track.


Jim Ratcliffe is willing to pay Dan Ashworth absurd amounts of money to switch


The two are already close, and it’s believed that Ratcliffe will do everything it takes to entice Ashworth to join Manchester United.



Judging the inaugural Patrick Stewart look-alike competition is Sir Jim Ratcliffe.


Journalist Ben Jacobs told GiveMeSport that he now thinks Newcastle won’t obstruct the transfer.


Within the industry, there is a sense that Ashworth will receive an approach and that Newcastle will not obstruct his move if he so chooses. However, Ashworth stated in a recent interview that he is content at Newcastle and like the project. This was just a few months ago. But it’s obvious that not only does Ashworth have a deep understanding of Manchester United’s past and INEOS, but also the possibility that Newcastle won’t be able to improve on their performance from the previous year, helps. Newcastle’s consecutive Champions League qualification seasons are one thing, but the team’s ninth-place finish and inability to build on its success the previous year against Manchester United could tempt Ashworth given INEOS’s new intentions.”


At first, we were certain that Ashworth would stay, but we are beginning to suspect that we might need to find a new sporting director quickly.


Personally, I feel conflicted about it. Although I fully support Ashworth’s vision for the team and would like him to stay to see it through, I also find myself having doubts about his transfer plans.


No, the world is not ending.


This transfer window is nearly a week old, and as far as we are aware, no deals are forthcoming. That’s a major mistake considering our team’s problems.


Don’t get me wrong, Ashworth has played a major role in the recruitment of nearly all of the team’s outstanding players. However, the transactions are slow to close and the diligence performed appears dubious in light of Sandro Tonali’s past.


It wouldn’t really be the end of the world if he left, would it? I’m probably just focusing on the bad things to lessen the blow. There are other capable individuals out there.

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