January 6, 2024

TalkSPORT live-railed an Everton supporter for his “bizarre” outburst, drawing Newcastle United into the argument.



TalkSPORT caller Andy Goldstein brushed off allegations that Everton is being punished by the Premier League because they pose a danger to the elite.



The caller, who went by Dave, said there was a hidden agenda against the Toffees following Thursday’s 0-0 draw at Crystal Palace, where Dominic Calvert-Lewin received a severe sending-off.


The Everton supporter went on to say in a six-minute chat that Premier League officials were alarmed by the club’s rivalry with the top six teams in the division.



On January 5, at 4:32 p.m., Goldstein answered, “What are you talking about? How about Newcastle United?


“I understand your frustration, but relegating Everton is not the goal.



“I know all your justifications are strange, but could you please explain why they oppose Everton joining the league?”



“You’re coming across so bitter, honestly,” Goldstein continued. You can’t believe the Premier League is hiding something because they are afraid Everton would threaten to make the playoffs, can you?



Simple to ignore



The caller was trying to make the case that Everton has been treated unfairly so far this season, starting with the record points deduction and ending with a red card for Calvert-Lewin that never should have happened.



Although it is simple to ignore all of this from the outside looking in, the evidence is starting to mount.



Nevertheless, it’s a touch off-target to suggest that the Premier League might feel endangered by the Toffees’ challenge to the elite six.



Regretfully, we have grown more used to watching relegation battles in recent years than we have to admiring teams like Manchester City and Arsenal.



Although it appears like Newcastle is going about its business, the caller’s criticism will undoubtedly be more legitimate if the Premier League ever pursues the Magpies.



Everton could face additional sanctions since the team’s most recent accounts are currently being examined. I hope those return without any problems for the supporters’ own sanity.



In other Everton news, a representative has declared that negotiations regarding the recruitment of a South American player have taken place with the Toffees.

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