January 12, 2024

Radu Dragusin, the Tottenham acquisition, has been overhyped and has been the subject of far too much attention this month.


Journalist Mimmo Malfitano of Gazzetta dello Sport claims as much. It appears that Malfitano is not overly thrilled with the drama surrounding the defense in recent weeks.


Yesterday, Dragusin completed his transfer to Tottenham, reportedly outbidding Bayern Munich and other teams for his services.


Since going on loan to Genoa in July 2022 and then making the transfer permanent in July of last year, the defender’s reputation has gradually increased.


He was linked to a number of teams during that time, including the Italian champions Napoli. Bayern Munich also made a late move for him, but he finally turned it down to keep his word and sign with Tottenham.

His agent has been responsible for most of the buzz, having handled the media when needed in recent months, giving insightful remarks and consistently leaking tidbits of information to feed the transfer rumour mill.


Because of this, Dragusin now enjoys a stellar reputation and is held in high regard at Tottenham, something Malfitano refuses to accept.


He stated, “Radu Dragusin is getting overhyped, but this is a very normal player.”


However, who is he? Bologna’s calafiori is unquestionably superior. We are discussing a player who would not have made any quick changes [at Napoli].


Like Samardzic, he refused to provide the Walter Mazzarri club with the much-needed boost. He wouldn’t raise the team’s general caliber.


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