January 12, 2024

“Likely be accepted”: The team is prepared to give Spurs their “brilliant” talent in exchange for a guaranteed £45 million. – Journalist


Tottenham is still holding out hope that they can get Conor Gallagher from Chelsea this month.


In search of a new number eight for his midfield, Ange Postecoglou is hoping to sign Gallagher with Spurs.


There are several reports that have circulated. Some have stated that Gallagher just wants to play for Chelsea, while others have stated that Tottenham would still want to sign the captain of Chelsea no matter what his position is.


Additionally, there’s a chance Chelsea will sell Gallagher to Spurs this month, according to journalist Ben Jacobs.


Conor Gallagher

Chelsea is open to accepting Tottenham’s £60 million offer for Conor Gallagher.

Last night, reputable journalist Jacobs made the comment on X’s social media that Chelsea would probably accept a £60 million offer from Spurs for Gallagher.


Although Conor Gallagher is not “actively” for sale, Chelsea will take an offer if it is made. I’m told an overall package of £55–60 million and a guaranteed fee of approximately £45 million would probably be approved. There is some leeway, contingent on the construction, but in general, Chelsea anticipates receiving a figure comparable to what they requested for Mason Mount. Spurs attempted late in the previous window, but they haven’t given up on moving for Gallagher. However, it was acknowledged at the time that they refused to spend more than £35 million. If extension negotiations are not going forward, Chelsea policy is to consider offers for any player with less than two years remaining on their deal. Gallagher is not close to a new contract at this time. Nothing is certain in January since Gallagher wants to stay at Chelsea and Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t want to lose him, but a sale also can’t be completely ruled out just yet. Spurs have not yet begun formal negotiations for this window. However, since that Timo Werner and Radu Drăgușin have left, Jacobs stated, “they should concentrate on a central midfielder.”


Spurs’ Gallagher commitment is unwavering

The longer this goes on, the more likely it seems that Conor Gallagher will play for Tottenham in the end.


Even though he leads Chelsea, the midfielder’s absence of a contract seems to be a dead giveaway about the Blues’ ownership’s opinion of him. It almost seems like they only view him as a marketable asset at this point to help keep the books balanced.


This will eventually only work to Tottenham’s advantage, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Gallagher in north London before the end of the month.


If it does happen, Mauricio Pochettino will be furious. Ange Postecoglou, meanwhile, will be overjoyed to have one of his main targets inside the structure.


For now, this one isn’t going away. Therefore, Gallagher may actually be in motion after all.

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