January 14, 2024

Tottenham Hotspur won a draw away at Old Trafford Thursday evening in the Premier League, with Timo Werner and Radu Dragusin both making their debuts for the club.


Let’s examine each player’s performance individually:


7- Guglielmo Vicario Had little to do with making saves today, but he was excellent with his feet all day and made a lot of confident claims to relieve the strain.


Pedro Porro, age nine I believe Porro won his fair share of bouts, even though Rashford prevailed over the Spanish player quite a few times. On the other hand, he was simply amazing when it came to the ball.


Romero Cristiano: 7.5 Wasn’t nearly as hostile as usual, and it’s never easy to determine if that’s a good or bad thing. Both of Man United’s goals came from set pieces, and you had the impression that a fully-fit Romero could have stopped one. Still, he had a great performance in his first game back.


Eight is Micky Van de Ven. made a few awkward situations for himself, but other than that, his first start back was excellent. Today, Udogie pressed so high that Van de Ven skillfully covered in behind and made several tackles that would have prevented goals against quick breakouts. With only a few minutes remaining, his spasm gave us all a heart attack.


Destiny Udogie: 7.5 – Today, a guy of danger on both ends He occupied a variety of positions in the closing third and caused Man United problems. On the other hand, he occasionally left a bit too much room behind and headed it against his own post.


Oliver Skipp (age 7) struggled to play the ball with excessive involvement. A few beautiful moments, such as a brilliant strike that deflected away and a sweeping, volleyed ball on the break. Although he doesn’t exactly fit the set-up, you have to admire the work he does off the ball.


Seventh, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg played some very orderly stuff today, but you always wish he had a little bit more. Similar to Skipp, he is not a natural fit for the system, and having both of them in the same XI can occasionally cause delays. However, he always performs with such professionalism.


9- Rodrigo Bentancur Even though it wasn’t his greatest position, he managed the show once more today. He proved to be a maestro from box to box by playing a little bit more forward. He simply keeps Spurs going and does it with such ease. He also did a great job achieving his aim.


Six Brennan Johnson fought to establish himself as a reliable danger in the present. Many of his one-on-one shots resulted in an overhit cross or a corner. Had a terrific opportunity to set up Richarlison for the goal in the first half, but he hammered the cross over the Brazilian.


Richarlison – 7.5 – Six goals in six games. Although Richarlison occasionally misses games, his goals are undeniable. He pops up with flashes that earn Tottenham points. He also played much better overall today than he usually does. performed some excellent set-piece defensive work as well.


Timo Werner (7) By all measures, not a horrible debut. I would have rather to see him go one-on-one with Wan Bissaka a bit more, but you have to give him credit for still figuring things out and not fully understanding the offensive patterns. Hard to disagree with a first-time assist.




As Timo Werner fatigued on the left, Bryan Gil, who is six, entered the game to provide extra legs.


N/A – Radu Dragusin came on to play the last ten minutes, making his debut.


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