January 15, 2024

The forward for West Ham has been told to leave the team this month in order to find his best form once more.

Frank McAvennie, a former West Ham player, chastised the former Liverpool player for squandering many simple opportunities during their 1-1 draw with Bristol City.


However, he said that even though the misses were unacceptable, he gave him a pass because of how little playing time he had.


Although McAvennie acknowledged Ings’ skill as a player, he voiced the opinion that Ings might not be the best match for West Ham. He implied that Ings might have to look for possibilities elsewhere if he wanted to reclaim his reputation as a merciless finisher.

In his address to West Ham Zone, he stated:


“My God, if Ings had been playing consistently, he would have buried that opportunity at the end of the 1-1 draw against Bristol City nine times out of 10.


“That’s the issue with not playing every week; you lose your motivation and the things that used to define who you are, and Ings has fallen prey to that. He’s lost all confidence, like if he’s dropped off a cliff.


“I won’t do him any favours because he isn’t a kid anymore, but those kinds of situations are his bread and butter, so he really ought to have won that. To be honest, I’m a little lax with him because he hasn’t played much.


“But from just two yards? To put it another way, if he strikes the objective, then it’s a goal. He’s a talented player, but he’s not a West Ham player, therefore he might have to go if he wants to return to his former self as a merciless finisher.


With just three goals in 40 games for the club, the English striker, who joined West Ham from Aston Villa in January, has not been able to leave a lasting impression.


McAvennie suggested that Ings needs regular playing time at this point in his career, which West Ham might not be able to give, therefore splitting up with the player and the team makes sense.

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