January 16, 2024

At Tottenham Hotspur, deciding on transfers must not be a simple assignment.


Spurs already employ a large number of important recruitment figures, so it would be perfectly natural for them to occasionally tug in various ways.


Ange Postecoglou, Scott Munn, Johan Lange, Daniel Levy, and even Fabio Paratici have opinions on the current state of affairs at the Spurs.


Since everyone of these people has a strong opinion, getting everyone to agree on something is difficult.


But despite all of Spurs’ recent acquisitions, there was one man who was universally acknowledged as a goal.


In fact, according to Ryan Taylor on The Spurs Chat Podcast, everyone at the team was in agreement when James Maddison was signed, even if it’s difficult to determine who at Spurs is the biggest influence at the moment.


Premier League: Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham Hotspur


All agreed that Maddison would sign, and Taylor mentioned the £40 million player.


“Determining who is more influential is difficult. It is commonly known that Paratici serves as a consultant for the team and that he had a hand in several of these acquisitions, including Vicario. James Maddison is a well-known player in the Premier League, and Taylor stated that Spurs’ hierarchy unanimously agreed that they should sign him.


It makes sense.

The news that Maddison’s deal at Tottenham was approved by all parties is not shocking. At such a low cost, this signing was an obvious choice.


Maddison only cost Spurs £40 million this summer—a remarkable amount for a player who has demonstrated his ability to compete at the highest level for years.


There aren’t many better creators than Maddison, and the Spurs needed one this summer.


Saying that Maddison might have been the Premier League’s summer acquisition of the year is not hyperbole.


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