January 16, 2024

One of the Premier League’s most sought-after players at the moment is Ivan Toney.


Most of the major teams in the league are reportedly interested in signing the Brentford striker, with Chelsea and Arsenal being the most frequently mentioned teams at the moment.


Ryan Taylor, nevertheless, asserted on The Spurs Chat Podcast that Tottenham shouldn’t be written out of the running for Toney.


Over the previous 12 months, Spurs have been occasionally linked to Toney; but, given how heavily Arsenal and Chelsea have been linked, it has been assumed that the striker will most likely sign with another London side.


While he was keen to point out that Toney does in fact want to join Arsenal, Taylor said Spurs shouldn’t be written off in this battle.


Nottingham Forest vs. Brentford FC – Premier League

Toney may sign with Spurs, but he wants to play for Arsenal.

Taylor revealed his knowledge of the £60 million man.


“I’ve always known that Spurs are a team that has been considering Toney; but, I’m not sure if they have the strength to contend with Chelsea and Arsenal come playoff time. Some have dismissed the Spurs’ interest in Toney, but based on the information I have, Spurs shouldn’t be ruled out. Despite Toney’s desire to join Arsenal, Taylor stated that at this time he would prefer that transfer over anything else.


Something to observe

As things are, Toney wants to sign with Arsenal, but maybe by the conclusion of the season, things will have changed.


In fact, Spurs are gaining ground on Arsenal as the latter fades from the title fight. Should Tottenham succeed in finishing in the top four, then perhaps the roles will be reversed in this transfer window as well.


Like any football player, Toney will want to play for the strongest team available, and Spurs has an opportunity to prove to Arsenal that they are a stronger team over the next six months if they defeat them in the Champions League.

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