January 17, 2024

In the course of a few months, Everton has been found guilty of violating the Profit and Sustainability regulations twice. Shay Given has commented about Leeds United throughout this discussion.


Everton was only found guilty of breaking the regulations in November and given a 10-point deduction. If a club is in the top division for all three seasons, they can only lose a maximum of £105 million.


Given that they were only permitted to incur a £61 million deficit after having played in the Championship for two of the previous three seasons, Nottingham Forest was also deemed to have broken the rules during the previous campaign.


The regulations mean that the elite clubs cannot be caught, even though they also prohibit large expenditure and clubs solely relying on riches to have an advantage. Instead, they may force clubs to prioritize young development.


Given, a former Man City player, makes the argument that clubs cannot afford to invest the money necessary to challenge teams like Manchester City and Liverpool on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Monday Night Club earlier this week.


Manchester City vs. Newcastle United in the Premier League


“Observe Man City’s bench; De Bruyne entered the game.” Jack Grealish and Oscar Bobb didn’t even get along. When FFP wasn’t even a thing, I joined Man City. They went shopping and made their desired purchases.


I’m trying to convey that they could move things along quickly. Everything Newcastle does now has to be scrutinized. On Monday Night Club, legendary Newcastle player Given stated, “You can’t do this, you can’t do that.”



“It seems like there is a monopoly at the top; these teams do not want a Newcastle, Everton, or Leeds, for example, to go to the top of the League this season. That’s how it seems.


Leeds claims Shay Given that Everton is breaking the rules once more.

The state of affairs is chaotic. Given that Forest is only allowed to lose £61 million in the previous three years, their situation is a little bit more reasonable. Brennan Johnson’s selling happened too late to matter.


For Everton, making the same mistake two years in a row is just bad stewardship. Leaders from Burnley, Leicester, and Leeds have already gathered to decide whether to file a lawsuit against The Toffees.


We now have more evidence in our case in the event of a second subsequent charge and potential point deduction. However, it must be acknowledged that even with these regulations in existence, nobody can catch City.

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