January 16, 2024

This season, Tottenham’s team has undergone a complete metamorphosis.


with Antonio Conte, Spurs were perhaps the most boring club in the Premier League; with Ange Postecoglou, however, they might be the most exciting team in Europe.


The Australian has totally transformed Spurs’ style of play and is starting to have an impact on the transfer market.


In fact, Radu Dragusin recently decided to join Tottenham rather than Bayern Munich, and other agencies in the industry are reportedly now more amenable to their clients joining Tottenham as well, according to Sami Mokbel, speaking on Last Word on Spurs.


Postecoglou Ange

Catherine Ivill took the picture/Getty Images

Agents want Spurs to sign their players.

Mokbel talked about what he’s been told by agents in the game.


That is Ange Postecoglou’s power. The response I had last summer when I spoke with several of the players’ representatives who Tottenham had shown interest in was, “We’re not sure, Tottenham are in a period of flux, we don’t know what Ange Postecoglou is going to be like, we’re not interested in Tottenham this summer.” What’s going on with X player? It’s a total turnaround. “Oh, yeah I think it has legs in the summer, that deal could happen, they’re definitely interested and we’d definitely consider it,” I said on the same call last week. It’s entirely the other way around. Ange Postecoglou has established himself as a team that plays offensive football and is headed for great things in just seven months, according to Mokbel.


Not unexpected

The news that agents want their players to sign with Tottenham is not shocking at all.



This manager has an amazing record of developing his players, and the squad is currently experiencing growth.


For these agents, this makes sense from a business standpoint. You will become a better football player after studying with Ange Postecoglou for eighteen months, and as a byproduct, your transfer worth will only increase.


In the upcoming years, don’t be startled if more agencies attempt to convince their players to go with the Spurs.





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