January 17, 2024

“Hearing mega, mega money”: To recruit a 19-goal striker, Tottenham would now need to shatter the club record. – Journalist



Journalist Mike McGrath has revealed the information he has been given regarding the cost of signing striker Santiago Gimenez, in which Tottenham Hotspur is keenly interested.


This season, Santiago Gimenez has shown to be one of Europe’s most talented forwards. The Mexico international has scored 19 goals in 17 appearances so far this season in the Eredivisie.


It is hardly unexpected that he is getting a lot of attention. Gimenez is highly desired by Tottenham. But considering that Spurs have already added two players—including Timo Werner, who can play across the forward line—it is difficult to imagine them spending a lot of money on a striker during the January transfer window.


Spurs must pay a club-record sum to sign Santiago Gimenez.

Gimenez is undoubtedly a name to watch as the summer approaches.



However, McGrath hinted that Tottenham would need to be ready to smash their club record in order to sign the 22-year-old, with Feyenoord demanding at least £69 million, in an interview with the Last Word on Spurs podcast.


As we have mentioned at The Telegraph, Gimenez is a Feyenoord player. Numerous other teams have kept an eye on him, and they are curious about the kind of price Feyenoord will demand for him. You’re hearing that it will require a whopping €80 million or more. He’s well-respected,” he remarked.


Spurs could be cautious given the recent striker deal.

Naturally, Tottenham will be worried about Gimenez’s potential for similar levels of productivity in the Premier League. He has undoubtedly been exceptional, but other players have had difficulty maintaining that level of play outside of the Eredivisie.



Spurs players are more aware of this than most. After a season in which he scored 27 goals in the Dutch top division, Vincent Janssen came. However, he only made 27 league games for Tottenham prior to leaving.


It’s true that Janssen would likely have an easier time now that Harry Kane isn’t playing for the team. Still, he found it difficult to seize his chances when they presented themselves.


Gimenez’s asking price will not deter someone from taking a chance on him. And many Tottenham supporters will be wishing that they are the ones to take a chance.

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