January 18, 2024

In response to Gary Neville’s assertion that Tottenham Hotspur would gain from an early FA Cup departure, Jamie Carragher has expressed disagreement.


Spurs, who defeated Burnley earlier this month, have now been drawn to play Manchester City in the FA Cup’s fourth round.


The fact that Tottenham will be playing the Premier League winners at home will be advantageous. However, as far as draws go, Ange Postecoglou’s team’s situation couldn’t possibly be more difficult.


Premier League game between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur

Having said that, Pep Guardiola’s team has failed to win a match at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and has failed to score a goal at the team’s new home.


Postecoglou’s team may gain from an early cup elimination, according to Gary Neville, since it will free them up to concentrate on the league. Yet Jamie Carragher isn’t in agreement.


Carragher rejects Neville’s remarks regarding Tottenham.

“You said something about them, if they go out the FA Cup,” Carragher stated in response to Neville’s inquiry regarding Spurs profiting from an early cup departure when appearing on The Overlap. It feels unnatural!


In response, Neville said, “I said the likelihood is that they could go out the FA Cup, they could have a completely clear run.”


Why is this run so clear? There are only the quarterfinals and semifinals if you play in both the league and the FA Cup, so you would have to reschedule league games,” Carragher continued.


Neville went on, “But what I’m saying to you is, would it be the end of the world for them to focus on the league if they were to lose the FA Cup?”


Carragher continued by pointing out that Tottenham’s schedule would not be significantly impacted by the FA Cup until the later stages of the competition.


“The FA Cup isn’t a midweek event, so Tottenham doesn’t need to miss it,” he stated. “The FA Cup is this weekend, and the only league game that may need to be rescheduled is in the semifinals.”


Neville, however, remained steadfast and even asserted that if their star players recovered from injuries, the Spurs might finish second in the league.


He stated: “With that team they have, if they get their five players fit, they could [finish second].” “Liverpool have a lot going on, Arsenal have a lot going on City, City will.”


Sheffield United at Aston Villa – Premier League


This season, Spurs have already been eliminated from one cup tournament early on: the League Cup, when Postecoglou’s team lost in the opening round.


In the absence of a truly spectacular league result, the FA Cup appears to be Tottenham’s best chance to win any hardware this season.


Spurs supporters are naturally eager to see the team finally lift a trophy after so many close calls since their 2008 Carling Cup victory.


On this one, we would have to concur with Carragher. Tottenham’s chances of competing well in the league won’t be significantly hampered by the FA Cup.


Spurs now play in just two tournaments, but if their main players return, they should have enough to contend in both.


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