January 22, 2024

Despite the provision in their lease agreement with the landlords, Kieran Maguire has asserted that West Ham supporters are being taken advantage of regarding the catering costs at the London Stadium.


The football finance specialist broke the news from the London Stadium that there seems to have been a violation of the agreement that says West Ham supporters won’t have to pay more for food and beverages than supporters of other London clubs.


Maguire contrasted with Tottenham, who, in spite of their lower prices, earn £800,000 every game from catering, since Hammers supporters are less likely to eat and drink in the stadium.

“Looks like West Ham fans are paying more for a pie and a pint of beer than any other club,” Maguire said in an interview with The Price of Football podcast on January 22.


But from what I gather, Karren Brady did include a comparable price clause in the lease agreement with the landlords, guaranteeing that West Ham supporters wouldn’t have to pay more than the going rate for four or five other London clubs.


It does seem as though West Ham supporters are being taken advantage of here because we’re talking about elite teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, and Spurs. I’ve mentioned numerous times on the radio that catering brings in £800,000 for Spurs per game.


“Well, the cost of a pint at the Tottenham Stadium is far less than the £6.50 at the London Stadium, so more people come early and stay later, which boosts income.


“Well, West Ham supporters are being sent to a dry cleaner. I believe that this may proceed eventually, perhaps leading to a favorable result.



West Ham

There could be a quick deal.


Brady included the stipulation to the team’s lease with the landlords of the London Stadium, but it’s now apparent that the requirements haven’t been followed. As a result, the club may file for bankruptcy, which, as Maguire notes, may happen shortly.


Hammers supporters will be hoping for a favorable resolution to the lawsuit since it would greatly improve the matchday experience, as many fans are currently deterred from drinking inside the stadium because of the cost.


Fans are discouraged from drinking at the stadium since, according to their deal with the London Legacy Development Corporation, none of the proceeds from the catering, food, and drink sales are put back into the club.


It is hoped that a deal can be made as quickly as possible to allow Hammers supporters to enjoy what has turned into a subpar matchday experience, which is probably costing the club money.


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