January 23, 2024

Over the years, a large number of foreign players have graced the Premier League, showcasing their talent and charisma. Fabrizio Ravanelli is one player that might not garner as much media attention as the others.


The Italian striker played in England’s top division for three seasons, however his first campaign lasted only one season. In 1996, Middlesbrough pulled off a significant coup by signing Ravanelli to the Premier League after he had just won the Champions League with Juventus.


After spending £7 million to join Teesside, he made his debut against Liverpool and went on to have a spectacular season. Boro advanced to both domestic cup finals, but Leicester won the League Cup and Chelsea won the FA Cup. In the summer of 1997, Ravanelli moved to Marseille after failing to prevent the club from being relegated from the top flight, despite their delight at winning the cups.


In 2001, the striking forward with silver haired would make a two-year comeback to England, playing for Derby County, who also saw Ravanelli demoted. However, instead of going to France, he could have stayed in England for a longer period of time than his initial one-year stint with Boro.


Ravanelli clarified everything in an interview with Bitcoin Casinos. He declared: “I had looked up to Bryan Robson as a football hero, and he came to me when Juventus won the Champions League in 1996. He traveled to Milan to talk to me. We met when I was on vacation with him. He left a wonderful impact on me, and I realized at away what a wonderful man he is.


“Bryan Robson is an amazing man and manager, which is why I like him. I was disappointed that my time at Middlesbrough was cut short at the conclusion of just one season. However, I wanted to attend the 1998 World Cup after being demoted.



“I had to play in a large squad because I was a member of the national team. Following my departure from Middlesbrough, I had two or three options: Liverpool and Tottenham in England, and Marseille in France.


“I might have made a mistake because, looking back, my choice would have been different. Since England’s football was excellent and still is the finest in the world, I would stay in England instead of traveling to France. I made a grave error when I departed England.”


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