January 24, 2024

Calvin Ramsay, a defender for Liverpool, has reportedly drawn interest from Leeds United. As a result, Ramsay will obviously leave on loan. Ramsay’s future has been discussed by assistant manager Pep Ljinders and the team on Tuesday.


After a disastrous loan stint at Preston North End, 20-year-old Ramsay is back at Anfield. Due to injuries, the Scot was only able to make two appearances. In the past 18 months, four games.


Since joining The Reds for £6.5 million from Aberdeen, he has suffered greatly from injuries. Ramsay has returned to Liverpool and is expected to be active again now that he is fully recovered. Leeds is enthusiastic.


Given the Whites’ connection, it was earlier this week that reports surfaced that the Reds were set to decide whether to keep Ramsay at Anfield or loan him out before making a fresh start in June.


Despite his difficulties at Preston, it seems like they are prepared to send him out on loan once more. Ramsay and Celtic’s Nat Phillips will be permitted to go on loan, according to Ljinders, who spoke with the official Liverpool website.


“Nat [Phillips] and him, excellent examples. Interest exists, which is positive. We need to work with the agent, the athlete, and the teams to determine what is best for the player. He must get some playing time.


This winter, Matt Newberry, our head of loans, has a lot on his plate. He really needs a vacation after this. If it weren’t for their potential, none of these lads would be here. An effective loan has great power.



Calvin Ramsay, a target for Leeds, will go on loan, according to Liverpool

Ramsay’s dual role as a left and right defender would help Leeds achieve their goal of having two full-backs on each side. Is he suitable and talented enough to have an influence?


You could argue that he isn’t right now given he has only played in two games for Preston in the past six months. However, it is evident that he is open to moves, and Leeds might have greater luck pursuing Ramsay than other prospects.

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