January 25, 2024

Sources: “It’s now a crisis”; Nottingham Forest faces “disaster” if relegated.



Football Insider has been informed by insiders that if Nottingham Forest is relegated this season, they will have a “crisis” with their pay bill.


If Nuno Espirito Santo’s team is found guilty of breaking the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules and consequently loses points, they might be sent down into the relegation zone.


Forest was accused of going over their authorized losses over a three-year period, which led to charges of violating PSRs earlier this month.


Given that most of Forest’s first team players do not have relegation clauses in their contracts, relegation could prove to be quite expensive for the team. This information was reported by the Daily Mail.


Since their promotion in 2022, Forest has spent over £200 million on new players. It is believed that many of these acquisitions were made in defiance of a pay-cutting provision should they be demoted.


Football Insider was informed by sources that Forest’s absence of relegation clauses is “now a crisis” and might result in a “financial disaster” if they are demoted.


According to Forest’s most recent 2021–22 records, their salary bill was £59 million; however, given their squad investment over the previous two seasons, that amount is likely to have climbed significantly.



Forest would probably have to sell their highest paid players at a loss in order to balance their books in the Championship because there would be no relegation clauses to reduce their salary bill.


Because of the Premier League’s new fast-track regulations, Forest will find out the outcome of their financial violation before the end



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