January 26, 2024

Journalist claims Spurs are ahead of five teams in the competition to recruit a dynamic player.



According to journalist Paul Brown, before Tottenham entered the scene and took the lead a few months ago, as many as five different clubs were interested in signing Antonio Nusa.


Spurs now boasts some of the top young players in Europe after making some fantastic transfer purchases in recent years.


Now that numerous reports over the past few days indicate that Nusa is getting closer to joining the club, it appears like yet another bright potential is headed to North London.


This included a Wednesday afternoon update from TEAMtalk, which stated that there is optimism at Hotpsur Way that a quick £26 million deal will be reached and that Spurs have approved the winger’s stay at Club Brugge through the end of the season.


Given that the 18-year-old has emerged as one of the most exciting wide players in Europe over the last 12 months, Tottenham supporters are naturally ecstatic about the possible acquisition.


Juan Nusa


Antonio Nusa is being led by Tottenham.

According to Brown, there were many clubs who expressed interest in Nusa before Ange Postecoglou’s team forced their way to the front of the line. Spurs were by no means the only team interested in the player.



“It’s interesting because I think Nusa was on four or five different clubs’ radar a few months back,” he said to GiveMeSport. Since then, a few of those clubs have lost interest in him, and if Tottenham decides to move, I believe they will have the upper hand.


“Over the years, numerous organizations have scouted this extremely talented athlete but have ultimately decided not to pursue him for various reasons.


I believe that since Postecoglou joined the team, Spurs have made some pretty excellent trades. Their hiring and scouting departments appear to be in total sync with the management, which hasn’t always been the case.


Spurs Views


Considering how highly regarded the 18-year-old is, the Nusa deal might end up being an even greater coup than the Desinty Udogie one.


While there is no assurance that young players will realize their full potential, Postecoglou’s system and man-management approach make it seem unlikely that Nusa could ask for a better setting in which to fulfill his promise.

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