January 26, 2024

David Ornstein says a’very talented’ £50 million player might end up joining Tottenham, calling the possibility “possible.”



Conor Gallagher and Tottenham have a close relationship throughout this transfer window, and things aren’t exactly going away either.


Throughout the transfer window, the Chelsea midfielder has been connected to a move to Tottenham.


He is reportedly Ange Postecoglou’s preferred main guy for his midfield. Adding gasoline to the fire, more sources have claimed that there is no indication of a new contract with Chelsea.


And David Ornstein of The Athletic says there’s still a chance Gallagher ends up playing for Tottenham.


Chelsea FC versus Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League


Tottenham’s Conor Gallagher transfer is not finished yet.

Ornstein discussed the Gallagher situation in his most recent Q&A with The Athletic.


The writer hasn’t completely ruled out the trade, even if Tottenham would need to sell in order to complete the deal this month.

Nothing has changed as of yet. Since his current contract expires in June 2025, Chelsea would prefer that he sign a new agreement or be sold. At this point, he is not close to a new contract, and Chelsea might sell if a good offer came up. However, that is a significant “if,” and it hasn’t occurred thus far, according to Ornstein.



We are aware that Tottenham is a huge fan of Gallagher; they attempted to sign him last summer and might try again, but it would need the sale of a player like Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, and as of right now, nothing appears to be moving forward on that front. Since there is no hard and fast rule about the “ideal” scenario, it is possible that the window will end without a new deal or sale. At this point, Armando Broja appears to be the more probable player to leave Chelsea than Gallagher.


To be clear, Gallagher is a player and persona that Chelsea adore. He plays a significant role in coach Mauricio Pochettino’s plans, but let’s wait and see how things work out over the course of the upcoming week.


It’s too late now.

Although a week in football is obviously long, it seems like there are too many juggling tasks to be completed before the January window shuts.


Spurs would love to sign the “very talented” Gallagher, but they now struggle to find someone willing to leave for a reasonable price, as Ornstein points out. In fact, a sum as high as £50 million has been mentioned.


You can bet your bottom dollar that the Spurs will take advantage of any opportunity to acquire their player.


However, as Ornstein notes, it would currently require significant rearranging in order to be completed by January.

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