January 27, 2024

Barcelona has always sought to add both older, more seasoned players and as many young players as possible.


Due to budgetary concerns, Barcelona is now much more interested in finding younger players who will cost less than the typical more experienced signing.


According to a recent update from Spanish media, Barcelona sent a scout to observe a young, promising Newcastle United player.


Yankuba Minteh is one of the few players competing in the AFCON (African Cup of Nations) who the La Liga team is interested in, according to Spanish media outlet Mundo Deportivo.


The dynamic 18-year-old made history last year when he paid a club record £8 million to Odense. Since then, he has impressed and advanced, particularly at his loan side Feyenoord.


Following many years of futility under the previous owner, Newcastle United is currently following in the footsteps of several aspirational elite teams by attempting to buy young, talented players from both domestic and foreign competitions in the hopes that their skill and worth will grow.


Alfie Harrison, an 18-year-old midfielder who arrived to Newcastle United from Manchester City for an unknown transfer fee, is the most recent addition, as confirmed on Friday.


Reporting from Mundo Deportivo:


Barcelona has dispatched a scout to monitor the progress of the top African players, just as it has done with Copinha in Brazil and the South American Under-23 Olympic Qualifiers in Venezuela.


Yankuba Minteh was born in Winger, Gambia in 2004.


Born in Ghana on July 22, 2004, Yankuba Minteh is thriving in the Eredivisie with Feyenoord while on loan from Newcastle, to the extent that he is already being pursued by other Premier League teams. He performed at his peak in the Metropolitano against Atlético. an effective assailant. With four goals in 18 appearances, including one in the Champions League, he has scored. The Newcastle United contract expires in 2028.


(The additional five young players that Barcelona was / is scouting during the AFCON)


Born in Forward, Ghana in 2003, Ernest Nuamah


Ousmane Diomande, Ivory Coast’s Central Defender, was born in 2003.


Winger, Burkina Faso-born Dango Ouattara


Pape Matar Sarr, a Senegalese midfielder born in 2002


Raphael Onyedik, a Nigerian midfielder born in 2001


Gambia, the squad with the lowest world ranking in the AFCON tournament, and Yankuba Minteh have already been eliminated.


The way these things work, though, with clubs purchasing young players, is amusing given how much others have done the same. When a player is brought in, they almost always go on loan to another team, who also pays their salary. After that, they assist the player in developing and becoming better players in terms of quality, skill, and value—all without playing a single game for the team that finally paid for the player.


For Yankuba Minteh, for instance, I believe it is fairly evident that since Newcastle United purchased him last summer, his transfer value has increased dramatically, supposing they were to sell him at this time—which I most definitely do not believe to be the case.


As I mention, other teams—Chelsea, in particular—have been doing this extensively and with remarkable success for years.


Newcastle United, like many other clubs, is only now beginning to compete after a late entry into the league. This is evident in the club’s efforts to attract young players and in almost every other facet of operations.Barcelona sends scouts to observe the winger for Newcastle United.

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