February 3, 2024

“Amazing advancement”: Tottenham Expert declares the ENIC takeover decision in the midst of development worth over £100 million


According to John Wenham, the latest financial data released by Deloitte “will only strengthen ENIC’s position and price” in the event that Tottenham decides to acquire the company.


Tottenham’s revenue for the 2022–2023 season increased by £106.4 million over the previous season, according to the most recent Deloitte Football Money League report.


Spurs, who placed ninth in the money league in 2022, jumped up to eighth place, surpassing rival Chelsea of London. This puts Spurs ahead of Arsenal in tenth place and West Ham in eighteenth, as the greatest revenue-generating clubs in the capital.


Wenham thinks that ENIC has a firmer hold on the team as a result of this development.


Wenham remarked exclusively to Tottenham News, “These latest figures will only strengthen ENIC’s position and price going forward. I know Spurs supporters are always asking if a takeover is on the cards.”


Spurs are on par with the biggest teams in the world financially, therefore they will be chasing even more money now that this has happened.


While we certainly wish we could claim the same number of trophies as other clubs, the big picture shows that we are making incredible strides.


“Observe how much people genuinely love visiting the stadium. I don’t think there are very many Tottenham supporters who are pining for a return to the former White Hart Lane, in contrast to many other new stadiums where you hear about supporters fervently wanting their old ground.




“There are many good things off the field, and with Ange Postecoglou leading the team, things should only get better on the field.”



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