February 4, 2024

“He doesn’t get any publicity,” claims Cristian Romero, a Tottenham player who is highly underappreciated.


Despite having a strong group and a top manager, Cristian Romero has stated that Tottenham Hotspur cannot just jump right into the running for big trophies; rather, the team will need time to reach their desired level of play. Furthermore, he stated that Micky Van de Ven is an underappreciated part of Ange Postecoglou’s team.


It’s safe to say that the FA Cup loss to Manchester City two weeks ago and the way the Lilywhites let points slip at Goodison Park on Saturday have left Spurs supporters extremely frustrated.


These outcomes have given the team a sobering reality check and demonstrated the amount of work still to do before they can compete on an equal footing with teams like Manchester City and Liverpool.


Romero insisted that the team is on the correct path to someday contend for major honors, even if he conceded that some patience is required.


“We need time and patience to win stuff, or at least to compete with teams like Manchester City and Liverpool who are out on their own in the Premier League,” the World Cup champion said to The Sun.


They are the ones to beat, but we’ll push them hard one day if our club and chairman continue to build the foundation. We just need to keep moving forward; even though we’re not yet prepared to win this season.


Micky van der Ven


Romero enjoys performing alongside Micky Van de Ven.

Romero and Micky van de Ven have developed a strong defensive duo, and the Argentinean star said that his center-back partner does not receive the respect he merits, maintaining that the Dutchman is among the top players in the Premier League at his position.


Regarding the former Wolfsburg player, the 25-year-old stated: “At this point, Micky is among the Premier League’s best central defenders.” However, marketing is a major factor in how others perceive you here, which is why there isn’t enough discussion on him.


“He is not at all built up and receives no publicity. But he’s doing so great, and we really hope he can keep going. I’m quite pleased for him. Young, hungry, and eager to advance, that is his desire. He will have a fantastic career.


Spurs  Views


While most of us realized at the time that this would be a transitional season, it is crucial for supporters to remember where the team was six months ago. Since the current Spurs squad is among the youngest in the league, they will undoubtedly make mistakes in the process.

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