February 6, 2024

“With all due respect,” Harry Redknapp asserts that Ange Postecoglou never does anything at Tottenham.



Harry Redknapp has expressed a slightly contentious opinion about Ange Postecoglou, the manager of Tottenham at the moment.


As one of the greatest English managers of the past few decades, Redknapp experienced some measure of success throughout his tenure as Spurs’ manager.


Postecoglou, though, appears to have raised the game, and his Tottenham team is not entirely out of the title race but is definitely in the mix for the top four.


Redknapp, however, told iNews that he thinks Postecoglou’s secret is just his ability to handle people—rather than anything to do with his strategies.


Tottenham Hotspur versus Brentford Football Club – League One


Views expressed by Harry Redknapp regarding Ange Postecoglou

Redknapp spoke kindly of “Big Ange” in an interview with iNews, but he also hinted that the Spurs manager wouldn’t be doing any tactical work at training.


“I hear far too many young instructors telling their youngsters to pass it when they try to do something different, beat someone, or demonstrate their expertise. Get the ball moving more quickly! No, let’s see what you do with the ball. Go defeat someone and let’s watch some individual skill emerge. It’s insufficient in quantity. With all due respect, that Tottenham guy isn’t a coach. Ange, he is not a coach; rather, he is a motivator. He knows how to bring out the best in individuals,” Redknapp remarked.


Fans of Tottenham won’t give a damn.

And why would they, given how excellent the football product is and how amazing the outcomes are?



Harry appears to have been somewhat taken out of context in this instance. Upon reading the statements aloud, it appears like he is implying that Ange isn’t leading his squad.


In actuality, Redknapp is most likely stating that Postecoglou’s greatest asset is his ability to manage people rather than the fact that he is an expert tactician like, say, Pep Guardiola.


Redknapp is only one of the numerous managers who have shown success in this manner. Even though everything are going as planned, Tottenham supporters won’t give a damn.

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