February 6, 2024

Before moving to Tottenham, the signing had “already completed medical” with another club; the manager made all the changes.



Lucas Bergvall, a midfielder, had ‘already finished a medical’ at Barcelona and seemed to be headed there, but he changed his mind at the last minute and moved to Tottenham.


Fussball.News, who has an exclusive on the player’s transfer to Tottenham following its confirmation last week, claims that.


They clarify that Bergvall was on the verge of moving to Barcelona and had everything arranged until manager Xavi’s abrupt revelation of his impending departure prompted a “rethink.”


Bergvall was in Barcelona last week for “intensive discussions” with the decision-makers at Camp Nou, following reports that he had previously completed a medical examination with the team.

He had already finished the medical and cleared the path for a move, according to exclusive information obtained by Fussball.News, but Tottenham “suddenly intervened.”


Following the Villarreal loss, Xavi made an unexpected announcement that got Bergvall to ponder, and Tottenham capitalized on it.


They took advantage of fellow Swede Dejan Kulusevski, who was able to persuade Bergvall to join him at Tottenham instead through a few discreet conversations. However, the young player has since stated that these discussions had no bearing on his choice.


In the end, he turned down Barcelona’s offer to accept Spurs’ terms and go to the summer to be a full-time member.

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