February 8, 2024

According to reports, Geri Halliwell would support her husband Christian Horner regardless of the conclusion reached by the inquiry into the Red Bull Racing CEO’s alleged “inappropriate behavior.”


The former Spice Girl has been cautioned, meanwhile, that doing so would give their image a “toxic tinge.”


A hearing investigating the allegations made against Horner by a female Red Bull F1 team employee is scheduled for this Friday.


The 50-year-old is alleged to have had a “strict and controlling work regime,” which the team principal “completely denies.”

Halliwell, who wed in 2015, has been in “floods of tears” for the past week, but she will not stop supporting him.


Jack Izzard, CEO of Rhizome Media and head of PR, thinks the pair is currently in a difficult situation.


He stated in an interview with The Sun that “they could put on a public show of marital unity like Geri’s fellow Spice Girl Victoria Beckham did when it came out her husband David had been having an affair, provided they are confident that the allegations are baseless and that the independent investigation will vindicate Mr. Horner.”


Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell at the Monaco Grand Prix

Since being married to Horner in 2015, Halliwell has always been a fixture in the Formula One paddock (Photo: Getty).

However, this is dangerous. Claims of inappropriate behavior by a powerful man can occasionally carry a corrosive undertone that goes far beyond an extramarital affair.


Likewise, putting the couple under lockdown can be seen as a symptom of a rift in their relationship and feed rumors that there can be no fire without smoke.


This is a terrible irony. Her husband’s reputation is under fire, not because of anything she has done, but rather because of the accusations about her. Her figure-hugging Union Jack dress once made her the epitome of both Girl Power and Cool Britannia.


In the end, the investigation’s conclusions will reveal if this is merely engine failure or a high-speed collision for Formula One’s golden duo.


Only recently, Horner received a CBE for his contributions to motorsport, having led the wildly successful Formula One team since its founding in 2005.


Red Bull wants this issue settled as soon as possible because the team plans to unveil their 2024 vehicle on Thursday, just in time for the season’s opening race in Bahrain on March 2.

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