February 8, 2024

Startled A tidbit about Christian Horner surfaces as a possible “vulnerability” with Red Bull is exposed.



Regarding the handling of a charge of inappropriate behavior made against Christian Horner, the CEO of the Red Bull Formula 1 team, an unexpected fact has come to light.


On Friday, a hearing about the anonymous complaint that a female employee filed against Horner is scheduled.


Red Bull claimed that it began an investigation after taking the claims “very seriously” when they surfaced on Monday.


The six-time constructors’ champion with Red Bull, Horner, responded to questions over the accusations made by the Dutch daily De Telegraaf, saying, “I completely deny these claims.”


Red Bull has not acknowledged the specifics of the complaint, but according to BBC Sport, the claims center on accusations of inappropriate and domineering behavior, and a UK hearing is scheduled.


Red Bull headquarters and its racing squad reportedly have a tense relationship, with the former now having a lot of influence, according to a Times story. Horner may be affected by this in the future.


In fact, Red Bull Racing allegedly repeatedly refuted The Times’ allegations that it had filed a complaint against Horner when it approached them on Sunday.



With Red Bull, Horner has six constructors’ championship victories


With Red Bull, Horner has six constructors’ championship victories (Getty)

This, the publication claims, is because the female employee complained directly to Red Bull HQ rather than the team’s HR department. The soft drink company continued with its announcement without first informing F1 team authorities.


The apparent rift between the F1 team and their parent corporation “not only highlights the gravity of the situation but Horner’s potential vulnerability,” the Times report continued.


Red Bull issued the following statement in a statement on Monday: “The firm began an independent investigation after learning of certain recent allegations.


“An outside specialized barrister is handling this process, which has already started. The business takes these issues very seriously, and the inquiry will be finished as soon as it is viable to do so. Further comments would not be acceptable at this time.

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