February 22, 2024

The Reds have hired Clattenburg as a match and performance analyst on a consulting basis. The plan is for him to assist the club in better understanding the rationale behind specific decisions made by the referees and to strengthen their bond with the Professional Game Match Officials Board Limited (PGMOL).


Neville called Forest’s appointment “a step too far” and criticized him for it. Although Jordan agreed that it was a “waste of money,” he disagreed with Neville’s wording.


Would I say it’s fantastic? Does Gary Neville have a point? Indeed, he admitted on talkSPORT that “I think I probably do.”


“I don’t believe that’s going too far. What is a step too far?


“It is Nottingham Forest’s responsibility to save money by hiring Mark Clattenburg to give them advice that they ought to know already, help them overcome their sense of inadequacy regarding the reasons behind their poor decisions, and teach their players how to avoid making poor choices. It delves into the idea of marginal gains and the Dave Brailsford school of thought.


“I fail to see what the fuss is about. What makes a difference? Why is it even up for debate? What worries Gary Neville about it? Why is it need to be watched over?


The fact that I share his opinion is inconsequential. To be honest, I don’t think anyone else should be involved but Nottingham Forest.


Due to their involvement in multiple contentious rulings this season, Forest has contacted the PGMOL three times. They had more reason to be upset last Saturday when they claimed Maxwel Cornet of West Ham United had fouled Neco Williams and should have been given a spot kick.


Jordan went on, “If they think there’s an inherent value in letting go of their imagined victim complex, or if they can interact with the referee in a slightly different manner, or if they can assist their players in understanding certain things that they ought to know anyhow, then fine.


There could be an advantage to this. There might be some financial gain if you are becoming increasingly frustrated that you are being picked on and that, in the end, you are a victim of injustice and that judgments aren’t made fairly.


Marinakis is not a fool, even though he has a reputation for being tough to work with. He must have a reason for it as he is a very successful man and is not an idiot.

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