March 20, 2024

Richarlison, a forward for Tottenham, claims that going to therapy “saved my life” and he urges others who struggle with mental health concerns to follow suit.


Richarlison, 26, announced in September that he would seek psychiatric assistance after being seen crying after being substituted during Brazil’s 5-1 victory over Bolivia in the World Cup qualifying round.


After joining Tottenham for £60 million from Everton in 2022, he had only four goals in 40 games. Earlier this season, groin surgery kept him out of the game.


However, Richarlison has made nine goals in his past 13 games since returning in December, and he has been summoned back into the Brazil team for their forthcoming friendly against Spain and England.


“My words were very important, also for the people here in the national team,” Richarlison stated. “The psychologist was already there when I arrived. There’s never been anything like that here, I believe.



Play Video: Richarlison: We’re going to “get him” in Brazil and England, I’ve informed Madison!

As Brazil and England are ready to play a friendly at Wembley, Richarlison sent a playful warning to James Maddison, a teammate from Tottenham.

Thus, it was crucial. Additionally, the kindness I encountered from others, as we are all aware of the prejudice that develops when someone declares they are in need of assistance. Thank God, I’m free of this prejudice that I once held.


As a member of the national team with a loud voice, I want to encourage others to get treatment. I can say this because it literally saved my life. I even spoke with Joao [psychologist] when he first arrived to the house, which is how he saved my life because I had already reached my lowest point.


Therefore, having a psychologist on the national team who can only assist the athletes is crucial. Players are aware of the pressure we face both on and off the field. Personally, I experienced more hardships off the field than on it. Thus, it is crucial that we have access to a psychologist nearby.”


Richarlison: I had a difficult period of time.

When Richarlison gives Spurs a 3-1 lead over Brentford, he rolls away to celebrate.

Pictured: Richardson celebrates after wheeling away to give Spurs a 3-1 lead over Brentford.


When asked in September about his feelings after losing to Bolivia, Richarlison told Brazilian reporters, “I don’t even think it was a sad moment because I didn’t play well.” It wasn’t a poor show from me.


Not as far as I’m concerned, but it was more of an outburst about things that were going on off the field that went out of hand and involved individuals who were close to me.

“To clear my head, I’m going to return to England and consult a psychotherapist for psychological assistance. That’s the main goal: returning more powerfully.


“At Tottenham, it’s about finding a rhythm. This week, I’m going to take a seat and speak with them. I have to run well, settle into my match routine, and arrive in top form.


On the field, I enjoy being a part of the squad. I make every effort to assist. Things don’t always turn out the way we hope. This, in my opinion, is a little portion of the off-field aspect that ultimately got in the way.

Richarlison celebrates defeating Newcastle with a goal.

Picture: Rickard scoring against Newcastle and celebrating

“Despite your best efforts, things don’t always work out as planned. I’ll keep my attention on the club. The tempest is over.


“In the past five months, I experienced a difficult period away from the field. Things at home are good right now. I have cut off contact with people who were merely interested in my money.


Things will now begin to move forward. I’m confident that I can lead Tottenham to success once more and turn things around.”

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