March 21, 2024

“What an idiot…” Following Daniel Levy’s activities, Simon Jordan responds to what he’s hearing at Tottenham.



Whatever the state of Tottenham Hotspur, Daniel Levy will always be a source of controversy.


Just the previous season, supporters were demanding that the chairman of Tottenham and the ownership firm, ENIC, leave.


There seemed to be no guidance for those who paid with their hard-earned money, both on and off the field. It says it all when Antonio Conte was sulking following their 3–3 tie with Southampton.


In the present, despite the recent defeat to Fulham, Ange Postecoglou has been instrumental in restoring the excitement and delight.


When Daniel Levy announces a 6% hike in ticket prices for the upcoming season, everyone is in a good mood.


Unexpectedly, Simon Jordan—close friend of Tottenham’s marmite-like character—defended that call, as he stated to talkSPORT.

Some have suggested that the price increase is the result of foreign admirers, but Simon Jordan called that theory “silly” and ridiculed it.


There hasn’t been a spike in ticket prices followed by an abrupt recovery in the last five years.


A certain former Crystal Palace owner offered alternative thoughts, despite the fact that many Spurs supporters express their rage at the team’s decision and how out of touch they are.


Tottenham raises the cost of season tickets by 6%.

Jordan remarked, “You have 50,000 season ticket holders at Tottenham Hotspur.” “After that, you factor in the away allotment, which comes out to roughly 4,000–5,000 seats.


“You’re saying that because the football team is international and has players from all over the world, the reason prices have increased by 6%—the first increase in five years—is because the club’s success abroad attracts some supporters who don’t reside in this country? What a ridiculous debate.


“Why is football exempt when Daniel Levy raised the price because he can make 6% more money? Why is there a cost-based increase in every other area of society? My thesis is based on the business realities of life.




Daniel Levy’s life

Spurs will compete in the major competitions once more, it’s just a matter of where they end up, having finished outside of Europe the previous season.


Levy deserves praise if it’s the Champions League for bringing in a manager of Postecoglou’s caliber from Celtic.


Furthermore, he lost Harry Kane. Spurs were powerless to change the striker’s predetermined mindset.


However, the team’s response is commendable, and Postecoglou should also get his roses for it.


EXTRA: “Both individually and collectively…” Tottenham said that Son Heung-min’s remarks will “hurt.”

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