March 26, 2024

The Spurs have experienced some amazing highs in the past 20 years. Of course, it’s hard to disagree with someone who thinks Tottenham’s stadium is the greatest in the world.


Fans have, however, leveled a great deal of criticism at him. Even with those victories, there’s a perception that Tottenham hasn’t fully utilized their on-field advancements.


Since 2008, Spurs have not taken home a major trophy. They have almost reached the summits of both domestic and European mountains during that time, competing for the Premier League championship and making it to the Champions League final in 2019.


Roy Keane responds to Daniel Levy’s detractors

They have had renowned managers like Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho. And with that, some have accused Levy of being at fault.


From a business standpoint, Tottenham has operated exceptionally well. Obviously, though, supporters are not happy with the club’s financial situation.


Premier League match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur



Les Ferdinand was questioned on Stick to Football on why Levy doesn’t seem to invest during the pivotal times. And when Ian Wright seemed to vent his annoyance at the Spurs chairman, Roy Keane said it was strange to hold Levy responsible.


“I’m clueless,” declared Ferdinand. “I believe he has a reputation for being a wheeler and trader, and he has completed some incredible transactions involving players leaving Spurs when they are ready to go. I believe he simply enjoys that aspect of it, taking part in it and making that choice. He is not the only director or chairman active in areas of the football team that they ought to keep out of their personal lives.


“I believe he has accomplished a lot, and he has now hired a man named Scott Munn, who will assume daily management of the football team. We’ll have to wait and see. People still go to him because of how deeply committed he is in it, and I don’t see him giving up on that role anytime soon.


It’s unfortunate. Wright retorted, “I’m sure the fans want an amazing stadium, but they also want to win things, Tottenham fans.


Yes, but for the past 30 or 40 years, they have not prevailed. Why do they only bring up Levy’s obsession with the new stadium, as though that’s all he’s been thinking about for the past ten or fifteen years? Spurs have operated in that manner for a very long time, said Keane.


However, after a while, it merely plateaus. Levy will have to decide on it. What remains for Pochettino to declare, “Listen, we’ve qualified for the Champions League, we just need a little bit more,” after his team ended in second place? Wright stated, “Someone has to make the risk.


The degree of closeness Tottenham has been to In the end, there’s a thin boundary. Given how effectively Levy has managed the Tottenham team’s finances, no fan of the team can fault him.


On the field, though, supporters want to see ambition. Furthermore, it has seemed from the outside that Tottenham has occasionally put the better commercial judgment ahead of what will increase the team’s chances of winning a championship.


What transpired during the last several months of Mauricio Pochettino’s employment must be considered a squandered chance. And Spurs have needed some time to return to that level of play.


The fact that everything seems to be in place for Tottenham to make that charge is what has fans frustrated.

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