March 28, 2024

Austin Trout simply cannot get enough of physical combat.


The American, who is 38 years old and has been a professional boxer for 19 years, felt that his fighting style needed to change. Thus, he made the logical decision to dive into the terrifying world of bare-knuckle boxing.


Trout defeated UFC icon Diego Sanchez via TKO in his debut match for BKFC. And in doing so, he arranged a championship matchup with two-division champion Luis Palomino—who is thought to be among the best bare-knuckle boxers in the organization’s history.


Palomino, a former boxing champion, won a decision last month to win gold in a second combat sport, and his perfect 9-0 record didn’t stop him.


‘No Doubt’ discussed his favorite parts of bare knuckle boxing in an exclusive interview with Daily Star Sport. “I guess the fact that you can hold them and manipulate them with your hands, as long as you’re punching, which is the whole reason why you would manipulate it,” said Trout.

When asked if he had a dream matchup in the BKFC, Trout shook his head and humbly acknowledged that, as champion, he doesn’t need to search for a battle. “To be honest, not really. “I’ll take them as they come. Based on my recent victory over the person they consider to be the best fighter, who do you think is the best?” he asked.


“I’m going to give the BKFC championship my all in defending [the belt].” But because I chopped off the head, you know, I wanted the head. I don’t need to look at anyone; everyone is staring at me.”



Trout, who balances coaching responsibilities with Team Combat League with his career in BKFC, acknowledged that he is eager to return to the ring and defend his championship. “I’m hearing rumours of June, I’ll be more than ready,” he stated.


“June is when I’m hoping to return, which is in the heart of TCL season. We therefore need to balance all of their training, but we have coaches available to assist.” As a coach for the Houston Hitman squad, Trout talked to fighters who had little to no boxing experience about how to become a good instructor.


“It’s been different because, I mean, I’ve had some experience coaching people, but these are people that, you know, don’t have, you know, much if any experience in boxing,” said Trout.


“I impart faith and character characteristics to others, and many of these fighters are my peers. Thus, I do experience a slight sense of annoyance; yet, I am confident that you are doing what you are doing. I am aware of your actions. However, simply hold up your hand for me.”


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