March 28, 2024

company seems that McLaren is altering the manner that company creates automobiles. Since the CEO of the company acknowledged that he would like to expand the lineup beyond mid-engined supercars, we may have assumed as much, but now we have official proof. Supercars and hypercars will reportedly “go beyond” in terms of design.

The brand, Tobias Sühlmann, chief designer, believes that the five guiding principles of New McLarenese, as it will be called going forward, form the foundation of each vehicle the company produces. It appears that they are Epic, Athletic, Functional, Intelligent, and Focused.

“Epic” describes how a McLaren looks and feels to the senses. It looks to channel the radical design elements of the McLaren F1’s centrally positioned seat, the Solus GT’s canopy reminiscent of a jet fighter, and the 765LT’s quad-exit full-titanium exhaust.

“Athletic” will emphasis on lightweighting, tightly-wrapped bodywork, and economical packaging, while “Functional” will highlight technical advances like as the double-skinned doors on the 750S and the cooling system on the hybridized Artura Spider. Yes, even the SUV will be driver-centric thanks to McLaren’s use of “focused” and “intelligent” technology, along with the use of lightweight and environmentally friendly materials.


Honoring the legendary Marcello Gandini, who passed away at the age of 85.

Sühlmann observed, in his finest design-speak, “Racing is in our DNA, and beauty flows from this relentless pursuit of performance.” “The sixty years of McLaren history have greatly motivated us, but we are not anchored in the past. With the help of our Design DNA, McLaren will become a name synonymous with 60 years of racing history in amazing lightweight supercars and other vehicles.


A new era where Performance by Design is central to new vehicles and increased product differentiation.”

Although no information regarding any next-generation models is provided here, we are informed that the design signature is defined by the shoulder-line on the second sketch up above. So, people, what do you think McLaren is planning?



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