April 4, 2024

Sheikh Jassim, the billionaire from Qatar, gave Tottenham a second opportunity following the announcement.


Following an announcement by Tottenham, Qatari financier Sheikh Jassim, who was unsuccessful in his attempt to buy Manchester United last year, may have another chance to invest in a major Premier League team.


He was the front-runner that everyone thought would take over at Old Trafford for the majority of 2023.


But instead of selling the entire 100% stake, the Glazer family then had second thoughts and let Sir Jim Ratcliffe purchase a 25% stake in the squad.


Sheikh Jassim’s enormous £5 billion offer to purchase the squad was therefore turned down.


Tottenham might give the billionaire another opportunity.

Now, the millionaire may have another chance to finance a Premier League franchise.


The Express claims that Daniel Levy, the man in control of Tottenham, has stated the club’s wish to find a new investor.


Spurs announced their fiscal year 2022–2023 record-breaking results. The club’s revenue topped half a billion pounds at their new stadium for the first time ever.


From £444 million in the prior year to £549.6 million this year, it grew by 24%.


Tottenham Premier League’s Daniel Levy



“To capitalize on our long-term potential, to continue to invest in the teams and undertake future capital projects, the club requires a significant increase in its equity base,” Levy stated, as reported by the Express. Prospective investors are being consulted by the board and its advisors, Rothschild and Co.”


Levy did, however, clarify that no trades will be done without the approval of club staff, suggesting that this process will take some time.


Tottenham might receive a much-needed financial boost.

Considering that Sheikh Jassim has already declared his desire to invest in a Premier League team, he will surely be aware of this development.


The possibility to invest in Tottenham suddenly presents itself to the Qatari billionaire, and it may provide him the means to refute the Glazers.


The arrival of some extra cash may also please Spurs supporters, since Levy has been under fire over the past 20 years for not seeming to be spending enough on new players.

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