December 21, 2023

This season, Pedro Porro has been among Tottenham’s top players.


As an aggressive full-back for Spurs this season, the Spaniard has been absolutely outstanding.


Not only do Spurs supporters admire Porro, but Tottenham supporters are also becoming increasingly fond of the full-back.


It’s true that Fantasy Football League players are beginning to really enjoy Porro as an option. Clinton Morrison has been talking about the Spaniard’s play style and why he’s so useful in FPL on the Fantasy 606 Podcast.


Because Porro never defends and is always aiming for goals and assists rather than carrying out his defensive duties, Morrison claims that Porro is a superb alternative.



Porro never offers an excuse.

Morrison gave the defence his assessment.


“It seems like Porro is here to stay, to be honest. He takes all the set pieces and never tries to defend; all he does is go forward and try to get goals and assists. That’s why I put him in and kept Udogie,” Morrison remarked.


Full-scale assault

Porro may not defend as much as you would think a full-back would, but it is part of what makes this Tottenham team so amazing to watch.


Porro is the player that most epitomises the attacking mentality of this Tottenham team.


Morrison states that although he may be listed on the squad sheet as a right-back, his primary objective is to attack down that right side as much as possible.


Despite being a defender, Porro is now one of Tottenham’s most potent offensive weapons, so it wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest if he began contributing more goals and assists in the upcoming months as he begins to establish himself as a key member of this Tottenham squad.







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