December 22, 2023

A few weeks ago during Tottenham’s game against Newcastle, there was a minor altercation between Callum Wilson and Guglielmo Vicario.


On the pitch, the striker and the custodian seemed to exchange words, and Wilson made it quite evident following the match that he thought the custodian had treated him disrespectfully.


Vicario was making faces at Wilson during the game, and following the game, there was a fight between the two players as a result of the simmering tensions.


Callum Wilson has been talking about this event on the Footballer’s Football Podcast, and he has revealed what he said to Vicario on the pitch.

Wilson’s words to Vicario


The Newcastle striker gave his version of events.


“Listen, let’s just get this over with; you understand what it’s like to be pressed for time. At 4-1 down at the end of the game, I was restraining the goalie from playing as fast and trash-talking as you do. He starts making faces at my header, so I ask, “What are you doing that for? You’re up 4-1, unwind. Be respectful. Relax. He set me off when he started talking stupid, so I just switched and wasn’t having it. Wilson remarked, “Then you put me in front of a camera and I got annoyed.”




Are we alone in this who finds out this is a bit ridiculous.


Why are these two, who are both fully grown adults, fighting over pulling faces while playing football?


This is not even anything you would learn in elementary school, yet for some reason, it has emerged as one of the Premier League’s biggest scandals in the past two weeks.


We recognise that getting worked up over something is never fun, but a professional football player shouldn’t have to deal with this for more than a few minutes, much alone talk about it weeks later.


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