December 25, 2023

It’s the time of year to celebrate and for football supporters to dress up like their favourite team.


Supporters should make every effort to represent their team, and there’s no better way to do so over the holidays than by wearing it with pride and loudness everywhere they go.


Regretfully, not every football-themed Christmas outfit is appropriate for wearing outdoors or in front of the in-laws while enjoying your roast beef and pigs wrapped in blankets.


Additionally, you are unable to select where to purchase it, unlike with regular apparel. Therefore, it will be a stocking full of coal if your club disappoints you.


Daily Star Sport has evaluated every Premier League team’s Christmas jumper and graded them from worst to best in the interest of significant scientific research.


A look at the 2023 Premier League Christmas sweater rankings includes shocks from Man Utd and Luton.


  • Luton town

The cartoon characters’ efforts are a nightmare for the Hatters, who are fighting relegation both on the football and in the Christmas jumper rankings. The better to say nothing at all about the colours.


  • Everton

Everton should have received a further 10-point deduction for their illegal design, which causes vertigo if you look at it for more than five seconds, according to information leaked to the Premier League by someone.


  • Burnley


Burnley’s is more Turf Poor than Turf Moor, despite their best efforts to think outside the box. The BFC emblem resembles an improperly drawn Venn diagram.


  • Manchester United


There’s a glaring lack of effort at Old Trafford right now. All the thought that went into this was probably limited to, “Just stick Rudolph on a shirt and it’ll be sound lads.”


  • Newcastle United


In any case, black and white doesn’t really evoke a Christmas vibe, but Newcastle somehow made theirs more worse by adding yellow. Furthermore, they charged £45 for it.


  • Chelsea

The “Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea” chant in jumper form is, at best, monotonous.


  • Crystal Palace


The reasoning for Palace’s is quite perplexing; nobody can quite figure out why their crest is so large, and no matter how hard Jefferson Lerma tries, his smile isn’t fake.

  • Brighton


From too much to too little, it appears like Brighton gave up after reaching three quarters of the way down their garment. It would be more appropriate to sell it as a crop top for Christmas.


  • Liverpool


Liverpool’s accomplishes the job, even though it won’t win any fashion awards. Sometimes, simplicity is the best decision.


  • Aston Villa


Although Villa’s jumper lacks Christmas decorations, the Holte End design is a charming addition. straightforward mid-table.


  • West ham


Cheesy puns and Christmas jumpers go hand in hand, and “we’re forever blowing baubles” is a really excellent one. Oddly, the blue and claret combo also works.


  • Wolves


Although Wolves are attempting to argue that Santa wears gold rather than red, the ninth position may be contentious because it’s unique—which is more than can be stated for many of these.


  • Fulham


There are lights, trees, and reindeer; the only thing Fulham’s lacks are mince pies. We are entering the realm of wearables.


  • Bournemouth


The same generic style, but Bournemouth’s outperforms because to the red rather than black suiting the bill and the “cherry Christmas” pun.


  • Sheffield United


Having retro uniforms is a simple way to win, and Sheffield United’s 1992 tribute looks good in this list. If “Noel” hadn’t been spelt out in 72 font, it might have been higher.


  • Tottenham Hotspur


In the Christmas sweater rankings and for Tottenham this season, fifth place feels about right. Heung-min Son’s wide smile makes the Gonk even more appealing. It’s a novel.


  • Nottingham Forest


We have to give Forest credit for her inventiveness because there are so many templates available; her hexagonal design is quite powerful.


  • Brentford


Brentford just seems to be good at everything, isn’t that right? Thomas Frank’s name is all over their jumper. A strong foundation with the ideal amount of flair.

  • Manchester City


There’s really nothing negative to say about City’s, another throwback endeavour. Their shades of sky blue are ideal for the holiday season.


  • Arsenal


Like the majority of their uniforms, Arsenal’s Christmas sweater is a hit. The customisation of the stocking, ribbon, and sleeve sponsor shows that sometimes the little things in life have a big impact.


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