December 30, 2023

If Manchester United makes an effort to entice Dan Ashworth away from St. James’ Park in the near future, Newcastle United is prepared to demand a large payment.


But as of right now, the club is not experiencing internal strife over the future of their sporting director, according to The Athletic.


Dan Ashworth, who moved from Brighton to Newcastle in May 2022 as sporting director, has played a key role behind the scenes. His substantial efforts to the club’s recruitment have been praised for their accuracy and potency.


There’s growing concern that in the next months, Manchester United, a rival team in the Premier League, may acquire Dan Ashworth from Newcastle. It has been reported that should Manchester United make a move for the 52-year-old, the Magpies will demand a compensation amount in the seven figures.


It is expected that the 25% buyout of Manchester United by Sir Jim Ratcliffe will take an extra four to six weeks to complete. According to this schedule, Dan Ashworth will be in charge of Newcastle’s operations in the January transfer window. Beyond that, though, there are no guarantees, and Newcastle is preparing for the possibility of an approach from Old Trafford.


Dan Ashworth is still very close to Sir Dave Brailsford, who will take a seat on the Manchester United board next month. Although he hasn’t refrained from acknowledging rumors, Ashworth’s future isn’t causing a lot of fear in Newcastle right now.


He would have to serve a gardening leave period if he decided to join Manchester United. Fans and clubs alike are keeping a careful eye on the situation.




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