January 4, 2024

If Tottenham Hotspur want to sign Radu Dragusin this month, they will have to concede to Genoa’s demands.


The 21-year-old central defender is wanted by North London, but they haven’t been able to come to an arrangement with his team.


The Italian team is negotiating a price tag of between €25–30 million for its highly sought-after potential. Paolo Bargiggia, a journalist, has now pushed Spurs to make a “raise the offer” in order to sign the Romanian player in January.


The 21-year-old will remain with Genoa until the summer transfer window if Spurs are unable to match their demands.


“If Tottenham wants Dragusin, they must make the offer,” he told TV Play. Spurs can sign him right away for $25–30 million if they are persuaded, or Genoa can hold onto him until the end of the season and maybe finish the surgery in the summer.


It will be interesting to watch how things work out. Spurs appear to be trying to sign the player for a lower fee, even though they have the financial means to pay the player’s stated asking price.


Given his extraordinary talent, Dragusin might easily pay for the investment over time.


In addition, Spurs cannot afford to take any chances because they are in dire need of a central defence. If they don’t sign a good defender this month, they might not qualify for the Champions League. For the club, it would be a terrible blow.


They ought to try to fill the holes at the back as quickly as possible by signing the gifted young defender.


They can strengthen their defence and aim for a spot in the top four with Dragusin’s assistance.

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